Innovation in Data Processes

Our solutions are not limited to physical mail, but include technology-based solutions as we are in optimum position to exploit the convergence of both physical and digital worlds.


As we strive to be the premier provider for one-stop secure digital and physical communications solutions, we are constantly exploring and offering better innovations and solutions to add value to our services for you.

Data Processing

  • Data conversion, processing, merging and mining
  • Data transfer via secure FTP
  • Able to combine statements, sprecialized and targeted messages and multi-channel delivery
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Document Processing

  • Extraction, data conversion, formatting of documents to data printing and preparation (including poly-wrapping) of printed documents for distribution by post
  • Ability to process both envelope and single page self-mailers by using a combination of high speed inserting machines and pressure sealing machines
  • Supply of materials (papers, envelopes, plastic wrappers) required to process clients’ jobs
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Data Imaging and Archiving

  • Provide electronic archiving function that facilitates search and retrieval of images and associated document information.
  • Fast searching and viewing of archived documents and properties.
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  • Online delivery of paper-based documents (bills, statements, etc...) to end customers in electronic formats
  • Enables end customes’ access to pertinent account information on the web
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